Compare TurboSaw™ to other tree cutting attachments

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Marshall Tree Saw

TurboSaw VS Ripping Saw

Ripping operate with a slow cycle time and leave behind frayed stumps. The TurboSaw has no cycle time and the stump is smooth and unobtrusive.

One Blade Shear

TurboSaw VS One Bladed Shear

One bladed shears have a seven second close cycle time and cannot cut bellow the ground. The TurboSaw™ does.

Pushing Guard

TurboSaw Pushing Guard

The pushing guard directs the fall of trees away from the skid steer and the operator

Two-Bladed Shear

TurboSaw VS 2 Blade Shear

All tree shears have a cycle time, and some upwards of 15 seconds. The TurboSaw™ has no cycle time.


TurboSaw's Below Ground Cut

Shears can leave burs on stumps harming livestock and flattening tires. The TurboSaw™ cuts at or below ground level and leaves no burs.

Operating temperature comparison

Cooler Operating Temperature

During a shears cut, hydraulic pressure increases immensely. Pressure creates Heat. The TurboSaw™ allows hydraulic oil to flow continually, low pressure.

How the TS2 and TS3 tooth work

Safe & Durable Carbide Teeth

The TS3 Tooth has a minimal bite depth and an aggressive cutting angle. This minimizes flying debris and maximizes efficiency.

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