Excavator Saw for Tree, Limb, & Brush Clearing


Excavator Model: EX2600R

Durable, versatile, and lightweight, the EX2600R mates onto any mini or midi excavator under 25,000 lbs. This model utilizes the mini excavator’s flexibility while maximizing performance with a cutting rate of 3-6” per second. Bolt-on design allows for quick head rotation from horizontal to vertical positions. The excavator model has a 30” blade with carbide teeth and it weighs only 600lbs.

The 2017 EX2600R can come with the New Multi-Surface Blade. This revolutionary design enhances dual cutting action for felling large trees, trimming limbs, & grinding stumps. Traditional blades are limted to cut with only the blade’s perimeter. The new multi-suface blade can cut with the perimeter like a conventional blade, but also can grind with the face like a stump grinder.

Hydraulic Flow Requirements 15-30 gpm
Cutting Rate 3-6" per second
Blade Diameter 30"
Blade Thickness 1/2""
Dimensions 51" x 20" x 50"
Weight: 600lbs.
Mounting Plate: Varies per brand, but available upon request
Stump Grinding Blade: Available upon request.

List: $10,800.00