Compact Feller Buncher for Skid Steers & Compact Loaders

Compact feller buncher for skid steers and tracked loaders

Compact Feller Buncher

DFM'S compact feller buncher cuts up to an 11” tree, accumulates up to 16" of material, and features the TS3 cutting system. The TS3 cutting system guarantees maximum productivity and a low operating cost. The Compact Feller Buncher CFB16 also comes with features that reduce maintenance like cushioned cylinders and 1.5” pivot pins. The CFB16’s easy plug & play controls make this feller buncher ready for work upon delivery The Compact Feller Buncher is an excellent tool for forestry tree cutting where space is limited and vegetation needs to be preserved.


  • High Speed Cutting Disc
  • Up to a 16” Diameter Cutting Capability Accumulator Included
  • Cushioned Cylinders
  • Requires 24-45 gpm Hydraulic System Plug & Play Controls
  • Increased Tilt-Back Angle

CFB-16 Specifications

Cutting Capability 16" Diameter
Dimensions H 75", W 46", D 45"
Throat Opening at the Teeth 27"
Operating Weight 1,700 lbs
Disc Diameter 40"
Rated Saw Speed 1,800 rpms
Number of Teeth 20
Saw Kerf 1"
Disc Weight 177 lbs
Accumulator Arm Yes

CFB16 List Price: $23,646.62

Included Features Overview

cut and carry skid steer saw features

Cutting Capability


TS3 Cutting Tooth

The TS3 Cutting tooth has been developed out of mining grade carbide allowing for ground contact. The tooth can be rotated three times and has up to 500 hours of tooth life. The operating cost is well below competing attachments at under $0.69 per hour. The teeth can be rotated or replaced easily in the field using hand tools.

New TS3 Cutting System Features

  • Larger Bolt Shank
  • Countersunk Lock Washer (No Loctite Needed)
  • Bigger 1/4 Hex Head Bolt
High Speed Cutting Disc

High Speed Cutting Disc

The cutting disc on the Turbo Saw™ turns at 1,800 rpm allowing the Turbo Saw™ to cut brush as well as trees. The teeth have an aggressive cutting angle and a limited bite, which increase efficiency, multiply available power, and minimize chip size for safety. This speed allows the Turbo Saw™ to cut brush as well as trees. A hardened, machined skid plate is placed beneath the cutting disc to protect the fasteners during ground contact.

Drive Train

There is no maintenance or adjustment on the drive train for up to 800 to 1200 hours. The hydraulic motor has a spline output that mates directly with a heavy duty bearing block. The frame of the Turbo Saw™ has an anti-wrap feature to prevent twine or vines from wrapping around the drive shaft.


Accumulator Arm

The independently controlled, accumulator arm on the CFB16 allows the operator to cut and carry multiple trees at one time.