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Turbo Saw™ Forestry Grapple Rakes are built smarter and tougher than the competition. The Turbo Forestry Grapple features hidden cylinders, a superior curl angle for maximum load, and two independent clamps to grab uneven loads. Grapple rakes can be used for many different applications. They are ideal for loading and piling brush and logs, and cleaning up light demolition debris.

The Turbo Forestry Grapple Rake™ attachment will mount to any skid steer. It has superior features that make it ideal for construction, wood clearing, pasture reclamation as well as other industries. The Turbo Forestry Grapple Rake comes in an 84" size with 5/8" tines on the outside, and 1/2" thick tines on the inside.


TG Series Grapple Features

Long Life

Grease Zerts

Grease-able Pivot Pins

Each of the grapple tines pivots on a durable 1¼ “ diameter steel pin, and are fully grease-able for maximum life.


Hidden Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinders

Welded hydraulic cylinders give maximum clamping power. The cylinders are powered independently to grab uneven loads. The cylinders are hidden in the frame and protected from limbs and other debris.


Mounting Bracket

Frame Design

The Turbo Grapple’s frame design protects the grapple cylinders and hoses from falling debris and other hazardous workplace occurrences. Bulkhead fittings are used where the hoses pass through the frame to limit wear. The hoses from the skid steer to the attachment are covered with sleeve for wear and safety.


Forestry Grapple Rake for Skid Steers
Designed For
Skid Steers (40+ hp)
Hydraulic Flow Requirements
Standard Flow (5+ gpm)
Number of Tines
9 Tines
Tine Width (Outside Tines)
5/8" Thick Steel
Tine Width (Inside Tines)
1/2" Thick Steel
Width: 84" x Length: 45" x Height: 54"
1,2000 lbs
Included Items
  • Flat-faced couplers
  • Hydraulic hoses

List Price: $5,943.61