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Compact Feller Buncher

Feller Buncher for Skid Steers

The DFM Feller Buncher features a high speed cutting disc capable of cutting and carrying 16" trees

High Speed Models

High Speed Skid Steer Saw

TurboSaw™ High Speed Saws feature a high speed cutting disc.

High Torque Models

High Torque Skid Steer Saw

TurboSaw™ Torque Saws features a high torque cutting disc.

Dougherty Forestry Mfg.

Tree Removal Attachments for Skid Steers, Tractors, and Excavators

DFM manufactures a diverse line of attachments, for commercial and independent land maintenance.

Our Turbo Saw brand Tree removal attachments fit a wide range of machinery including: Skid steers, track loaders, tractors, and mini excavators. No matter the job, no matter the machinery. Whether you’re using a Tractor to cut mesquite, or a Skid Steer to cut eastern red cedar; we have you covered.

All of our Tree cutting attachments feature our exclusive TS3 cutting system. This System uses mining grade carbide; allowing landowners to clear trees and brush at ground level even in rocky soil, and with an average tooth life of 400 hours, the TS3 system helps users to virtually eliminate tree removal cost, as well as limiting time spent on required maintenance.

Turbo saw brand products are designed with the customers in mind; our bestselling line of products allow users to clear land faster than any other attachments on the market today. With a proven track record of building durable skid steer attachments, and an unbeatable 1 year warranty, DFM is the clear choice for those who are serious about land clearing.

Compare Turbo Saw products with any other skid cutter, tractor saw, stump grinder, excavator mower, or grapple on the market and you’ll see why Turbo Saw has been the leader in land clearing, for over a decade.

More Features. Better Support. Nothing beats a Turbo Saw.


Customer Testimonials

  1. "The rotator option is definitely really good for branched off pieces; swivel is essential. It does its job and it exceeded my expectations."

    Will Carpenter,
    Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

  2. "My Turbo Saw does everything I expected and more! It is an awesome tree and brush cutter."

    Matt Christensen,
    Sevier County Fire Warden

  3. "I like the extended reach of the boom. It's really great. The speed's great. The teeth are easy to interchange. There's not a lot of maintenance."

    Howard Greeley,
    Rural Public Power

  4. "I did six months of research and I was looking at a clipper versus a Turbo Saw. I decided on a Turbo Saw and I would buy another one in a heartbeat. Works great! I like its high reach and very durable teeth. Let's just say Turbo Saw has saved us a lot of money. It's even earned us some unexpected money from custom cutting. The Turbo Saw is a cutting machine!"

    Walt Loerger,
    Rancher Custom Cutter

  5. "The mini excavator Turbo Saw is extremely nice. Will cut the heck out of stumps. Cut stumps way down. Small stuff 4-10" cut right down. Cut the larger stuff in more time, but it will get the job done. Has a great reach. Likes the way it turns too. When that head is rotated it throws cut material away from the machine. That's real nice. "

    Tracy Hartfield,
    Operator for Badger Bazen Inc

  6. "I've owned a Turbo Saw since 2004. Works fantastic. I really like it. Does everything I want it to do. Pull up to a tree and it whacks it down. I've probably cut down more than a half million trees with my TurboSaw."

    Stanley Oakes,
    Oakes Ranch

  7. "Did what I was told it would do. Coupled with high-flow option exceeded my exceptions. A great tool. Very happy with it. Turn it over. Cut limbs. Cut downed tree; makes it much more manageable. "

    Kevin Gill,
    Nebraska Rancher