Introducing the TM76 Turbo Mulcher

The TM76 Turbo Mulcher is a completely new concept in high speed vegetation removal. This patent pending clean sheet design is unlike any mulcher on the market.  It is a breakthrough innovation resulting in the ultimate mulching head significantly increasing speed and productivity, without compromising safety or of ease of use.


Equipped with a Turbo Mulcher any brand high-flow skid steer can quickly and easily cut a 76” wide path through any vegetation, leaving nothing but a trail of high quality mulch in its wake.

The key to the Turbo Mulcher lies in the principle of efficiency through design. Through the use of state of the art engineering software the Turbo Mulcher has been strengthened at every stress point, while at the same time reducing the overall attachment weight, with the primary focus of weight savings being the precision balanced Spiral-Torque Drum.


 This unique design approach results is a mulching head that out performs any on the market.  Allowing land clearing professionals to safely and completely cut and mulch a 76” path through any vegetation from grass up to large diameter hardwoods.  All while generating a fraction of the heat or carrier stress of a traditional drum mulcher.









Published on 29 November 2016