Hydraulic Rotating Tree Saw

High Speed Rotator

The RT Series models are geared for extreme environments and bundled with unique features. These high-speed tree saws have a hydraulically rotating head for limb trimming and a built-in 5 gallon spray tank with a hybrid herbicide/diesel capable sprayer pump. The RT Series Models also feature a long 7' reach, a V shield, a blade shield, and a pushing guard. More features and greater performance, the RT Series models are the ultimate land clearing tools.
The Turbo Saw™ has the ability to keep cutting trees, brush, and limbs where others can’t follow; any terrain or any type of wood, this attachment easily removes soft woods like Cedars or Cottonwoods as well as hard woods such as Mesquite, Scrub Oak, Chinese Tallow or Osage Orange.

No limitations. Turbo Saw™ can remove small material as well as large brush, limbs, and trees. It can clear 8 times faster than shear type clippers, and Turbo Saw™ cuts below the ground. Turbo Saw™ not only maximizes performance over other brush cutters on the market, but it is safer and easier than shears, clippers, rotatory cutters, & chainsaws. Compare Turbo Saw™ products with any other skid cutters, tractor saws, excavator mowers, grapples, or skid steer hydraulic coolers on the market and see why Turbo Saw™ has so many satisfied customers.

The unit is an ideal for:

  • High volume commercial cutting
  • High speed pasture clearing
  • Right-of-way clearing
  • Trimming limbs along fence rows
  • Cutting downed trees into logs

New Features

  • 12% Larger Motor
  • Bigger Bearing Package
  • Positive Pressure Rotating Valve
  • 4" Bigger Blade (34" with 16 Teeth)
  • Hybrid Herbicide/Diesel Compatible Sprayer Pump
  • Brass Sprayer Tips & Fittings
  • No Grease Zerk Rotate Design
  • Easy Access Panels for Service

Standard Features

Rotating Saw Features

Laser Cut Blade

The RT Series Saws come with a 1/2" thick, laser cut blade, for stable, precision performance. The RT2600 and RT3000 have 15 TS3 Teeth, while the RT3400 has 16.

High-Speed Cutting Disc

The RT Series Saws utilize a high speed circular cutting disc with durable carbide cutting teeth to cut at speeds up to 10" per second.

Durable Spherical Bearings

A set of durable spherical bearing with a high allow bearing shaft protect the saw from excess force on the blade.

Brass Sprayer Fittings

The spray tip, filter and elbows are all made of brass, which holds up do diesel and herbicide sprays, for guaranteed long life.

Hybrid Sprayer System Features

Hybrid Sprayer System Features: The RT Series Saws are fitted with a herbicide/diesel capable pump and a 5 gallon polyurethane sprayer tank.

Plug & Play Technology

The sprayer pump control, rotating mechanism controls, and saws hydraulics directly interface with your machine's existing hydraulic and electric connections.


Model RT2600 HD RT3000 HD RT3400 HD
Horse Power Requirement 60+ hp 70+ hp 80+ hp
Hydraulic Requirements 15 - 23 gpm 24 - 42 gpm 24 - 42 gpm
Blade Diameter 30" 30" 34"
Blade Thickness 1/2" Thick 1/2" Thick 1/2" Thick
Number of Teeth 15 TS3 Teeth 15 TS3 Teeth 16 TS3 Teeth
Cut Depth (One Pass) ~18" ~18" ~20"
Maximum Diameter Stump ~30" ~30" ~35"
Cutting Rate 3 - 6" Per Second 6 - 10" Per Second 6 - 10" Per Second
Dimensions (L x W x H) 84" x 46" x 48" 84" x 46" x 48" 86" x 46" x 48"
Weight 950 lb 975 lb 1,100 lb

List Price




Rotating Cutting Head Feature


The Turbo Saw™ Rotating Tree Saw allows the operator to rotate the cutting disc from horizontal to vertical at the touch of a button. A hydraulic cylinder hidden in the frame rotates the head and locks it into position. The pivot mechanism is precision machined and heat treated for durability. A wiring harness and waterproof buttons are included to operate the rotate feature (an 8 pin or 14 pin external plug is available).

TS3 Cutting System


The TS3 Cutting System consist of a 4 sided, bolt-on, mining grade, carbide cutting tooth that can be rotated after wear to a sharper edge.

New TS3 Cutting System Features

  • Larger Bolt Shank
  • Countersunk Lock Washer (No Loctite Needed)
  • Bigger 1/4 Hex Head Bolt

Safety Features

Safety is a primary concern of Dougherty Forestry Mfg. Each Turbo Saw™ has more standard safety features than the competition. The operator's manual is contained within a waterproof canister on the skid steer for easy access.

Blade Shield

Blade Shield

A shield behind the blade prevents sawdust from being directed towards the operator

Limb Deflector

Limb Deflector

Heavy expanded metal places a barrier between the operator and the material being cut. This keeps limbs from entering the cab on bushy trees. The V shield above the expanded metal deflects falling limbs to the side of the machine.

Pushing Guard

Pushing Guard

The pushing guard above the cutting disc gives the operator valuable leverage against the trunks of standing trees so they will fall forward away from the operator. The operator puts leverage on the tree while the tree is still connected to stump leaving a hinge to control the fall of the tree.