High Torque Saw for Standard-Flow Skid Steers

TQ3000R: Rotating Torque Saw


The Torque Models are designed to operate on the hydraulic system of a standard flow skid steer. This is the perfect tool as a tree cutter for invasive trees such as Red Cedar, Mesquite, Salt Cedar, Osage Orange, etc. They will cut a 10” tree in under 8 seconds and comes equipped with bolt on TS3 cutting teeth for low maintenance. These units are the #1 attachment for tree removal in their class.

The TQ3000R has a manual rotate feature that allows the operator to turn the blade from horizontal to vertical at the pull of a pin. When the disc is in the vertical position, it moves forward away from the operator. The operator can cut a tree, rotate the head, and cut it into logs.


TurboSaw Skid Steer High Torque Saw




Min. Horse Power: 40+ 40+
Hydraulic Flow: 15 - 23 gpm 15 - 23 gpm
Cutting Rate: 1 - 3" Per Second 1 - 3" Per Second
Blade Diameter: 30" 30"
Max Dia. Stump: 12" 12"
Num. Teeth: 15 15
Length: 84" 84"
Width: 46" 46"
Height: 50" 50"
Weight: 650 lb 695 lb
Manually Rotating Cutting Head

List Price:




Torque Saw Features

Hydraulic Hoses

All Turbo Saw™, skid steer mounted saw come standard with connecting hoses and couplers

Anti-wrap Feature

The frame of the Torque Saw has an anti-wrap feature to prevent twine or vines from wrapping around the drive shaft.

Frame Design

All primary hydraulic hoses and electric leads are hidden within the frame of the Torque Saw to prevent damage from limbs and debris. Bulkhead fittings are used where the hoses pass through the frame to limit wear. The hoses from the skid steer to the attachment are covered with sleeve for wear and safety.

Mounting Bracket

The Torque Saw is engineered with a generous roll back angle so the operator has the flexibility to reach difficult areas. The 7' boom allows for trimming up to 18' high depending on the skid steer and the Torque Saws come with a standard quick attach plate for all modern skid steers. This makes attaching a Torque Saw quick and easy.

Operating Weight

The Torque Saw has a light operating weight of 645 lbs (rotate option 695 lbs). This weight protects the skid steer from excess wear which protects the owner's investment. The light weight doesn't affect durability; the frame of the unit is covered by a 1-year warranty against defects.

Excellent Visibility

The Turbo Saw™ is designed to allow the operator excellent visibility to see the stump. By angling the disc slightly downward the stump is cut below ground level. The stump is smooth and will not damage tires or harm livestock.

TS3 Cutting Tooth

The TS3 Cutting Tooth has been developed out of mining grade carbide allowing for ground contact. The tooth can be rotated four times and has up to 500 hours of tooth life. The operating cost is well below competing attachments at under 69¢ per hour. The TS3 Tooth has an aggressive cutting angle for efficiency and a limited bit that minimizes the chip size for safety. The teeth can be replaced easily in the field using had tools.

New TS3 Cutting System Features

  • Larger Bolt Shank
  • Countersunk Lock Washer (No Loctite Needed)
  • Bigger 1/4 Hex Head Bolt

Drive Train

The High-Torque Hydraulic Motor transfers maximum cutting force to a precision-machined billet saw hub.

High Torque Cutting Disc

The cutting disc on the Turbo Saw™ turns at 600 rpm allowing the Turbo Saw™ to cut brush as well as trees. The teeth have an aggressive cutting angle and a limited bite, which increase efficiency, multiply available power, and minimize chip size for safety. This speed allows the Turbo Saw™ to cut brush as well as trees. A hardened, machined skid plate is placed beneath the cutting disc to protect the fasteners during ground contact.


Safety is a primary concern of Dougherty Forestry Mfg. Each Turbo Saw™ has more standard safety features than the competition. The operator's manual is contained within a waterproof canister on the skid steer for easy access.

Blade Shield

Blade Shield

A shield behind the blade prevents sawdust from being directed towards the operator

V Shield

V Shield

Heavy expanded metal places a barrier between the operator and the material being cut. This keeps limbs from entering the cab on bushy trees. The V shield above the expanded metal deflects falling limbs to the side of the machine.

Pushing Guard

Turbo Cooler

The pushing guard above the cutting disc gives the operator valuable leverage against the trunks of standing trees so they will fall forward away from the operator. The operator puts leverage on the tree while the tree is still connected to stump leaving a hinge to control the fall of the tree.