TM76 Mulcher/ Mower


TM76 Turbo Mulcher/ Mower

TM76 Turbo Mulcher/ Mower

The TM76 Turbo Mulcher is a completely new concept in high speed vegetation removal. This patent pending clean sheet design is unlike any mulcher on the market. The TM76 significantly increases speed and productivity without compromising safety or ease-of-use.Equipped with a Turbo Mulcher any brand of high flow skid steer can quickly and easily cut a 76" wide path through any vegetation leaving nothing but a trail of high quality mulch in its wake.


  • Spiral Drum Technology
  • Full Deck Shielding
  • Front & Rear Cutter Chains
  • 4 Sided Rotatable Carbide Tooth
  • Direct Drive Train (no belts or pulleys)
  • RPM Gauge for Immediate Feedback


Cutting Width: 76"
Capacity: 8" Diameter
HP Requirements: 70+
Hydraulic Flow Requirements: 33-45gpm
Case Drain Required: Yes
Mounting Type: Universal Quick Attach
Length: 45"
Width: 90"
Height: 24"
Weight: 2,400lbs
TS3 Carbide Tooth: Carbide Teeth: 73
Drum RPM: 1,600

MSRP: $30,676.69